Retro Hypnotic Modular Synth Music – monofon | wellenreigen

Free Music Fridaymonofon | wellenreigen is a hypnotic six minutes of retro modular synth music, via M0N0F0N:

Another showcase of the Dark Time Analog Sequencer from Doepfer and (of course) my brandnew modular analog synthesizer which I am going to build up slowly over the next months and years…

The mellotron sounds in the end come from a vst-intrument called M-Tron (from GForce).

As one may immediately recognize this one was heavily inspired by Kraftwerk’s “Franz Schubert”, for me one of their most beautiful and subtl works… hm, maybe together with “Kometenmelodie 2″…!

You can download the track as a 320 kbps MP3 (Rapidshare link).

11 thoughts on “Retro Hypnotic Modular Synth Music – monofon | wellenreigen

  1. I too like it, despite the (or, maybe, just because of the) similarity with the Kraftwerk song. It's a shame the rapidshare link does not work anymore (10 downloads limit reached). Any chance of a reup?


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