Cinematque Instruments Intros Gecko Instrument For Kontakt 4

Cinematque Instruments has announced Gecko, a novel instrument concept for Native Instruments Kontakt 4, which gives you the ability to quickly compose countless variations of certain instrument categories, such as “Strings”, “Mallets”, “Environs or “Percussion”.


  • SSM Core. (Simultaneous sound matrix: 6 slots x each 20 sounds = over several thousand options mathematically speaking).
  • No loading time.
  • Easy and intuitive use.
  • Timbre switches (EQs, speaker simulation).
  • Master edit knobs (Attack/ Release, Highpass/ Lowpass and Reverb).
  • Separate pan and volume control.
  • Volume automation via midi-controller and sequencer recording.
  • Outstanding „Randomize !“ function – Leave to chance!
  • Seven instrument categories.
  • Scenes (pre installed sound programs).
  • Gecko Complex Environs (featuring a limited amount of functions) is now available as a free download. The first Gecko instrument — Odd Mallets, will be available shortly.

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