Hacking The Korg Monotron

Make Magazine’s Collin Cunningham takes a look at hacking the Korg Monotron – one of the most popular platforms for basic synth DIY projects.

Some people think it’s the best analog synth that Korg makes. Some people say it’s the only analog synth that Korg makes. Either way – hacking it makes it better. 

If you like Cunningham’s intro to Korg Monotron hacking, you’ll want to check out 2CV’s video, below, which looks at adding control-voltage inputs and offers some extended audio demos.

12 thoughts on “Hacking The Korg Monotron

  1. Gerri-

    That would be awesome. I love my monotron too but rarely use it for any musical applications in regards to melody or harmony. Would love to see a keyboard in this ilk.

  2. If they can sell the Monotron for around $60 they can surely make a more advanced version ind the sub-$200 range…..as a very, very poor musician this is what dreams are made of, cheap analog synth

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