12 thoughts on “What’s Alessandro Cortini Working On In Trent Reznor’s Studio?

  1. Trent Reznor really has one of the nicest studios I've ever seen (pictures of). Everything seems to be easily accessible, there's decent equipment everywhere you look, and enough keyboards to make working actually possible. Some people with similar setups don't quite approach this level of ergonomics.

  2. I'm more an Alessandro fan. Trent's a very astute, intelligent, gifted guy of course, but Alessandro's album is great. The only distortion I've ever felt at home with… something beautiful in the musical texture he brought out of the effect.

  3. And a godsend to anyone not entirely sure if they can sing or not or… it's not about pitch or intonation but character… something that says 'well, here's something human. Now if this is the gesture then let's make it profoundly real, however many electronics we need to get that real thing in this mix' kinda thing

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