Redd Hybrid Synthesizer For Kontakt

REDD is a new hybrid synthesizer created for Kontakt owners by George Poenaru.

REDD is based on a wavetable recorded from popular analog and virtual analog synthesizers, including Minimoog, Korg MS20, Doepfer, Virus B, & Oberheim synthesizers.

The designer has this to say about Redd’s interface:

The main parameters of this instrument will not display the value and this it’s part of concept because you should judge sound with the ears not with the eyes. Modulations, envelopes, filters and FX are based on the Kontakt engine. The reverb used by REDD it’s also based on the impulse response created with Bricasti M7 V2.1 and loaded in “Convolution” Send FX slot from Kontakt 4.2 with 0 latency setting.

Redd comes with 92 presets in the full version and 18 presets in Demo version.

REDD for Kontakt 4.2 or higher is available now for 49.99 EUR.

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