Track Master Turns Your Trackpad Into An X/Y MIDI Controller

LSD Programming has released Track Master, a $.99 app that turns your Mac trackpad into an X/Y MIDI controller:

Track Master can track up to three fingers at the same time and use their X and Y positions and finger taps for assignable MIDI messages. It’s like having three MIDI touch pads in one!

Track Master works with music programs that allow assignable MIDI controls such as Ableton Live, Logic and Traktor. Version 1.0 doesn’t work with GarageBand (it can’t assign MIDI commands manually) but version 1.1 will add GarageBand support.

via LSDProgramming:

This is a short demo of Track Master controlling parameters in Ableton Live.

It shows how you can get set up in merely seconds and get started making music with your fingers.

It’s a very short demo because we are getting ready to release version 1.1 which will have a lot of features that will blow 1.0 out of the water.

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  1. free hack! all you have to do is click the yellow circle and hold down, and it turns your trackpad into an X/Y controller!!!!

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