How To Turn Five Moog Synthesizers Into One Mini Monster Moog Synthesizer

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Saturday Synth Porn: Moog Music shared this set of videos, which demonstrate how to turn five monophonic Moog synths into one giant monster synth.

It’s not the most practical or cost-effective way to get a polyphonic synth. But that’s not really the point of it, is it?

The top video demonstrates Moog’s polyphonic Little Phatty + Quad Slim Phatty mini monster synth.

The video below shows, step-by-step, how to configure a Little Phatty to be polyphonic, with a stack of Slim Phatty’s adding extra voices.

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via MoogMusicInc:

1. Set the LP Output MIDI channel to channel 1
2. Set each Slim’s Input MIDI channel to channel 1
(not required to be channel 1, but needs to be SAME channel)
3. Plug MIDI Out of the LP to MIDI In of the first Slim
4. Plug the first Slim’s MIDI Thru to the second Slim’s MIDI in, and so on.
5. All audio outs need to be plugged into their own channel on a mixer or audio interface
6. In the LP’s Master menu, scroll until you find MIDI setup
7. Scroll within MIDI setup until you find Poly
8. Set the Little Phatty to be 1 of X, the first Slim to be 2 of X, the second to be 3 of X and so on, where X is the number of voices you have.

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