Bug Brand Modular Synthesizer

Bug Brand Modular Synthesizer

UK synth designer Tom Bugs posted these photos of new Bug Brand modular synth modules, along with pricing.

Bugs has this to say about his modular:

The design approach for this system really stemmed from my personal building and playing, both in terms of how to work with the circuitry and all the production aspects. The aim is for a powerful, yet relatively compact sonic system and for a creative flow through functionality, control and presentation.

The system is also colourful! Not only do the great feeling banana plugs help with the workflow of dividing signal chains, but the colour coded knobs also really aid intuitive use and interaction. Even the panel material is a lush deep blue, making use of 3mm PCB material, screen-printed with white lettering, to provide great looks and strength.

Bugs is offering two system types. They’re identical other than Type1 has 3xSYN2A Utility VCO while Type2 has one SYN2A replaced by a PRC5 Wavefolder.

Pricing below. See the Bug Brand site for details.Bug Brand Modular Synthesizer With End Cheeks

Costings: All prices are exclusive of shipping and VAT (@ 20% – applicable to all UK & EU sales)

Frame – £70
Desktop EndCheeks (Pair) – £20
MiniPower (inc UK or EU PSU) – £75
ENV1 Attack Decay – £100
SYN2A Utility VCO x 3 – £270
DD2 LFO / DC Mixer – £80
DD1 Modulator / LPG – £90
DD3 VCA / Drive – £90
PRC3A SV Filter – £90
PRC1 PT Delay – £95
UTL2 Output Mix – £60
Starter Cable Pack (24 Cables) – £40
TOTAL = £1080

For System Type 2 (PRC5 replaces one SYN2A) – add £5

For 19″ Rack EndCheeks – subtract £5
For worldwide sales (120V operation) MiniPower is discounted due to self-sourcing PSU – subtract £7.50

Typical Shipping Costs –
UK – Special Delivery – £22.50
EU – DHL – £40
Worldwide – DHL – £50

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