MIDI Touch For iPhone – A Customizable Wireless MIDI Controller

MIDI Touch for iPhone

Midi Touch for iPhone brings the power of the MIDI Touch iPad app to the iPhone and iPod touch.

MIDI Touch is a customizable wireless MIDI control app – you can create your own MIDI control screens and use them to control devices with latency as low as 2-5ms using either a MIDI Network Session or DSMIDIWiFi.

MIDI Touch for iPhone is $12.99 in the App Store.


  • Design & save your own MIDI controllers by dragging and dropping sliders, buttons and more where you want them to create personalised control surfaces
  • Excellent responsiveness & performance – measured latency over WiFi: 2-5ms.
  • Support for CC, Note, Program Change, SYSEX, NRPN & RPN messages (SYSEX not supported by DSMIDIWiFi)
  • Support for multiple messages per control
  • Midi Feedback – keeps the controls synced to your incoming messages (SYSEX, NRPN messages not supported for feedback yet)
  • Many different control types – Vertical sliders, horizontal sliders, knobs, buttons (momentary or latched), drum-pads, X-Y-Z controllers, transport controls and preset-jump buttons
  • Easily change the settings of each control – CC number, note number, minimum & maximum range, channel, invert, size, label & more
  • All new tab control – easily organise your controls
  • Choose from 14 different theme colors
  • Import/export & share controller setups via Email, Safari, Dropbox etc
  • Multi touch – control multiple knobs/sliders etc at once
  • Full screen mode to reduce distractions and maximize usable space
  • Controls snap to each other to help create aligned layouts
  • Invert values mode – perfect for drawbar organs
  • Editor controls – copy, cut, paste, duplicate (between presets also)
  • Multiple control selection – select multiple controls to move/cut/duplicate/edit
  • Nudge controls to make pixel perfect controllers
  • Intuitive gestures – great for fine tuning controls
  • New SYSEX message editor allows entering custom SYSEX strings with the value of the control embedded into the message
  • Robust RPN/NRPN support – simply select the MSB & LSB and the app does the rest
  • Turn inputs/outputs on or off selectively
  • Advanced control options to change how controls respond to incoming messages

5 thoughts on “MIDI Touch For iPhone – A Customizable Wireless MIDI Controller

  1. its only 9.99 for iphone. I just downloaded it based on what was said here and…. it works great, it uses this weird nintendo ds midi network protocol and you have to download a tiny background program. there is sometimes a slight lag but that is supposedly fixed if you use the built in midi network stuff in OSX (my ipod touch cannot connect to a midi network for some reason i think thats cuz its an older one) overall its got knobs, faders, x/y pads, drum pads, buttons and you can even have internal preset changes on the GUI you make which opens up the possibilities for some intricate control schemes! I would give it a strong 8

    1. Yes there definitely is. Touch OSC allows only one message per control. Midi Touch allows several (7 i believe) per control. For example, I send 6 program change messages with one button, and all my midi gear changes to the appropriate patch instantly. Plus I send one note message at the same time and my computer display changes to the correct screen. With Touch OSC this would require 7 different buttons.

      However, Touch OSC offers a computer based programming tool, and with Midi Touch you have to program it all on the phone, a little tedious for big projects.

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