FunkBox 2 iPhone Drum Machine – The Funk Box Strikes Back

Funk Box 2

Synthetic Bits has released FunkBox 2, an update to their iPhone/iPod touch/iPad virtual drum machine:

FunkBox 2.0 features:

  • Works great on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
  • Look, feel, sound and quirks of a vintage beatbox
  • Includes 36 preset rhythm beats, or easily edit patterns and create your own
  • Nine preset boxes to choose from, including the 808, 909, CR-78, LM-2, MRK-2 and more
  • Customize boxes by mix and matching preset samples, or import and use your own samples
  • Export your drum loops as audio or midi to email, audio pasteboard, iTunes folder
  • Use CoreMIDI to sync and/or control FunkBox with music hardware/software via USB-CCK or Network MIDI

Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved graphics, including retina support
  • Two new drum machines, LM-2 and TR77
  • New cleaner samples from all machines
  • Import custom samples (iOS3.2+)
  • Set pitch and trim of samples
  • Save/load custom drum box configurations
  • Save/load pattern banks
  • Tempo/swing saved with each pattern
  • Random volume/timing saved with box
  • Ability to switch in clave, clap, cowbell, ride sounds
  • Tap tempo
  • Accent amount per step, per instrument
  • Queue up multiple sequences by pressing two sequence buttons,
  • or play two sequences simultaneously by pressing two sequence buttons
  • Pan per instrument (iOS4.0+)
  • Tap overdub and roll functions
  • Preliminary CoreMIDI support (iOS4.1+)
  • – MIDI in: note, mute part, pattern/bank, tap/start/stop, clock sync
  • – MIDI out: note, clock sync
  • Itunes folder audio export support (iOS3.2+)
  • Start/stop latency improved
  • Misc other improvements and bug fixes

7 thoughts on “FunkBox 2 iPhone Drum Machine – The Funk Box Strikes Back

  1. I've been looking for something like this for a while. Any ideas why such a low rating on the site? And is there a vst alternative?

  2. I love FunkBox and use it quite a lot. Really easy to use and has some very nice drum sounds. Beats sound great in Logic after running them out one track at a time. Super cool that this update will let us import our own samples!

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