Limor Fried, Goddess Of The Open Source Bassline Synthesizer, On The Cover Of Wired

Limor Fried on the cover of Wired

Limor Fried, creator of the x0xb0x open source synthesizer, made the upcoming cover of Wired magazine.

Fried is the founder and engineer behind Adafruit Industries, which makes electronics kits that teach soldering, tinkering, and technology exploration. She’s also been an influential leader in the burgeoning “make” movement.

For a look at her projects, see this video profile of Limor Fried from last year.

14 thoughts on “Limor Fried, Goddess Of The Open Source Bassline Synthesizer, On The Cover Of Wired

  1. Synth babe is half compliment, half insult… This woman may be attractive, but she is waaay more accomplished than many men in her area of expertise. I think there are better ways to praise this woman.

  2. Just had a group of kids build a bunch of Drawdio kits from adafruit, every kid who built it completed it successfully. The photographed soldering guide on the website is EXCELLENT, leaves no question unanswered. Clear as can be. It's a great way for youngin's to learn how to make things.

  3. I'll never be grateful enough to this woman for the chance to know the pleasures of the 303 without running out of money. x0xb0x rules!

  4. She seems nice enough in the video (as a person). Many of the few women in engineering and other areas of science and technology were the complete opposite in some ways. But then again: Many men in science and technology are not the nicest most sociable people.

    I really like my x0xb0x. Most of the time I use it more as a sequencer for my modular and as a master clock, but sometimes I even use the built-in synthesizer and most of the time it does not disappoint.

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