‘Reactive Instrument’ AMOS Updated

Reactive instrument AMOS (Another MIDI OSC Source) has been updated, adding:

  • CoreMIDI WiFi Support
  • Line6 MIDI Mobilizer Support
  • New Disc Settings
  • Individual MIDI Channels Per Disc
  • Redesigned Keyboard Settings
  • Fixed crash on launch for 1.2 updaters

Amos is a reactive MIDI instrument. It sends MIDI notes to your software synths, outboard gear and desktop DAWs like GarageBand, ProTools and Live. Amos supports CoreMIDI (USB and WiFi), DSMI, and the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer.

In Amos’s physics-simulated room, collisions between objects trigger MIDI notes. Up to five duration discs (whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note) can be grabbed and thrown around the room. There are two 6-octave keyboards that can be configured via the Settings menu. When a disc strikes a keyboard key, it takes on that key‘s note value and emits that value for each collision until a new key is struck. Tilting the device controls the gravity in the room.

AMOS is $.99 in the App Store.

One thought on “‘Reactive Instrument’ AMOS Updated

  1. Pfft. Bought this last week and there was a major bug that caused it to crash. New version was released yesterday but the MIDI doesn't work.


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