What’s Roland’s Metamorphosis – An ‘Amazing New Instrument’?

Roland released this teaser video for something – but they’re not telling what:

“A dramatic transformation has begun.

The spirit of a legend re-emerges.

An amazing new instrument takes form.

Prepare for a new musical beginning.”

What’s Roland’s amazing new instrument? Is it called the Roland Metamorphosis?

We don’t know what Roland’s amazing new instrument is. And, if we do know, we can’t tell you until the start of Musikmesse 2011.ย Unless it gets outed first on some obscure foreign-language music blog.

So in the meantime – what’s Roland’s ‘amazing new instrument’?

49 thoughts on “What’s Roland’s Metamorphosis – An ‘Amazing New Instrument’?

  1. Based on the teaser video, I'm guessing a hybrid violin/saxophone, called the Saxolin.

    When they introduce the Roland Saxolin, you can say you read it here first.

  2. Based on the teaser video, I'm guessing it's a hybrid violin/saxophone, called the Saxolin.

    When they introduce the Roland Saxolin, you can say you read it here first.

  3. my idea would be the next Fantom series with hdmi input so user can switch to favorite daw with 1 button…and plenty of extra assignable knobs !!! And no drum pads!!! That would be my dream machine!!!…..

  4. "spirit of a legend"

    that says all i need to know.

    1) it wont be anything new… just old ideas in a new box

    2) it'll probably be a cheap plastic box, housing yet another VA synth that wont live up to the over hyped legend it is trying to capitalize on

  5. This reminds me very much of Korg's teaser campaign for the Kronos a couple months back. I hope this instrument turns out to be more surprising than that one was.

  6. well it would almost be a logical step considering their v-accordion series. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I'm expecting yet another keytar with juno stylings.

  7. well it would almost be a logical step considering their v-accordion series. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I'm expecting yet another keytar with juno stylings, or just a fantom successor.

  8. Yes. +1 for me. It's the new generation of Rolabd workstation with a touchpad including 7 engines: A mc-x0x, a tr-x0x, a juno-Z, Vx-synth, varphrase, …


  9. While secretly I pray its a new, genuine analog Jupiter 8, I know that this is folly.

    It'll be the Jupiter-D, or somesuch, which will be 'flagship' V-synthy, VA, trancey arranger bullshit. With a d-beam, and on the d-beam will be another d-beam.

  10. I'm hoping for either:

    a) Roland branded 303 clone for cheap.
    b) New workstation that runs Sonar X1 and hosts VSTs/DXis.
    c) A successor to the MV8800, and proper support for it.
    d) A new VA based on 2011 tech that isn't a complete piece of plastic 1990s shite.
    e) 808, 909 reissues

  11. i'm more guessing on a new workstation with full modelling, in the logic line of their efforts…
    (pianos, Eps, organs, drums strings and brasses… and of course VA… all modelled ! sort of kronos killer…

  12. If it were an analog or even a VA instrument, why would they have all that footage of acoustic intsruments? Sadly, I figure it will a workstation-type thing filling basically the same Niche as Korg Kronos: built for the tiny user base who still haven't made the switch to software.

  13. Hardware 303, 808, 909 with midi and daw integration… Hm, violinist and used font do not promise that, so it looks like some workstation, or maybe some physical modelling…

  14. It's a physical modelling synth with physical morphing. It can take the shape of a beautiful violinist or an ugly keyboard player, sounds like everything but nothing really special…

    I'd like the "Transistorized Flatulence 505" that when you abuse it sound like something I've never heard in my life. Yeah TF-505 would give you synesthesia!!

  15. Either a "next generation" Vsynth/Fantom hybrid, or a real analog polyphonic synth, not VA, like the Jupiter8 with built-in step sequencer, digital effects and 88 weighted keys … let me say it again, REAL analog, not VA, it's about time, don't you think?

  16. I hate Bullshots. If the thing itself was truly awesome, we would be seeing it, not some hoohaa about how awesome we are supposed to think it is. Like if you cure cancer, you don't say "Hey, I've got a neat-o thingy to tell you about next Tuesday".

    I bet it's another monster workstation synth, with every form of synthesis every invented, the entire roland sample library, and every other bullet item they can think of thrown in, plus one schticky control gizmo. Yeah, that's a cool pile of stuff, but it will be too expensive, too heavy, and won't run on my iPad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. When was the last time Roland actually did something innovative? Some analog drum machine from 1984? Overpriced and redundant workstation keyboards? First thing that came to mind from that promo was a midi-saxophone. It's probably not a midi-saxophone but when Roland threatens to "innovate" that's the kind of crap I expect. Sorry to be so nasty but when you release a promo that is 100% hype without any actual information whatsoever I get that way.

  18. It's a "Jupiter 128" a keyboard with colorful retro styling! Will it be analog? Absolutely not, it will be a depressingly banal digital emulation that has no personality. But it will have Wi-fi and a gyroscope weeeeeeeeeee!

  19. I dont think Roland would be so obvious as to put two d-beams in a new product. I guess more likely it will be an iPad app with a d-beam come Saxolin feature which will make it sound like every other soft synth iPad app / Saxolin out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. "Prepare to be amazed"!
    "Amazing new instrument"! ah ah ah

    If it was by Moog or Dave Smith! I would believe it!

    It will probably be the new Juno 0,06 GDZ Turbo GT, with sides that looks like wood but smell like plastic!

    Or it will be the new GAIA v6 F1 Custom Sexy white that runs on batteries and comes with free cakewalk plugins!

    Why aren't they serious! These companies make money selling too many sh#t to afford them to make something special that at least covers the manufacturing costs and still give the the prestige that once they gained with the the products they despise right now! I am sure they would manage to sell a couple of thousands.

    The product would be:

    Jupiter 10 – Analog 10 voices with the same vintage look as the J8. I would accept digital tech for preset storing,m idi, usb… as long it's sound was analog.
    Only then the v Synth, Gaia etc would look cool next to it!

  21. please, no more d-beams. no more workstations. no more VA stuff. just make a real analogue synth, and accept that software has every other corner covered now.

  22. I’m hoping for something system 700 related. Modular gear is taking off huge lately.

    If it is modular related it’ll likely be a proprietary format that’s incompatible with anything else and it’ll definitely have a d-beam module and a cryptic manual that makes no sense to anyone.

  23. A Jupiter 80 that's not analog, has a ton of extras, like sequencers and FX, a complete workstation that looks like, but doesn't sound anywhere close to a jupiter 8.

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