Noise Hero DIY Synthesizer Kit Now Available

ChrisLody has announced that Noise Hero kits are now available via Etsy in the US and Folksy in the GBP.

A pre-built version is also available.

The Noise Hero is a lofi noise maker with a lot of routing options built onto a piece of stripboard using a 4093 quad nand chip. This video shows some of the example sounds that are located on the CD ROM that comes with Noise Hero.

The Noise Hero is controlled by 5 knobs, 8 switches and one push button. It has 3 oscillators (Yellow, Green and Blue knobs).

  • Osc 1 produces audio frequency ranges whilst osc 2 and 3 produce LFO and audio freqencies. Osc 1 goes to the output through a simple passive filter (Red knob) while osc 3 can be switched to the output but bypasses the filter.
  • Osc 2 can gate osc 1 and passes through an inverter after which it can gate osc 3.
  • Osc 3 modulates osc 1’s pitch by the ammount set by the orange knob. This modulation can be shaped by 2 shapers which can be switched on and off. Osc 3 can also gate osc 2.

The Noise Hero kit is $40/£25.00.

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