Free SFX Samples From Alive Machine

Rick suggested this collection of free SFX audio samples, Alive Machine’s Bio Kit, via our Submit a Story page:

These samples began as field recordings of dried up palm tree leaves that were scraped with a stick. The audio was then heavily processed with granular synthesis to provide the unique sonic character of the kit.

This sample pack is part of the bigger release of the website Alive Machine is a media-space focused on electronic music, sound design, and audio-visualization.

You can preview the sample library above and download them from here (.zip). Check out the Alive Machine site, too!

2 thoughts on “Free SFX Samples From Alive Machine

  1. haha it always says "free sample" but its really not . come on when people put in free sample thats what thay wont yall should feel bad poor people wont free samples and yall make it hard and it takes like 20 days im tird of scams dude comeon its not that hard if your going to lie dont make a website im about dont with hafing to do so so so meny steps thanks 4 understanding my point of view!! now u understand im not poor but some people r so i home u do understand

  2. The samples above were available for several months and were downloaded several thousand times. As of now, they are no longer available for free. They can be purchased for a reasonable price at Just search alivemachine.

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