Project Preset – Torley Vs Native Instruments Razor

Torley is back in action with another Project Preset video, a series of videos in which he explores the presets of new software synths.

This time, Torley takes on Native Instruments Razor.

Razor is a new software additive synthesizer that runs in Native Instruments Reaktor.


  • Razor uses up to 320 partials for its sound shaping algorithms.
  • The dual oscillator section provides a wide arsenal of timbres, ranging from typical analog-style waveforms to unconventional models like “Primes”, “Sick Pitchbend” and “Hoover Sync”.
  • The two filter sections offers 20 different filter types including innovative formant, vowel and waterbed models.
  • A further section provides an arsenal of “Dissonance Effects” that contribute to the sonic footprint of the instrument.
  • RAZOR also integrates a 34-band vocoder that can also be used to process external audio signals of any type.

The user interface of RAZOR builds on familiar concepts of subtractive synthesizers. RAZOR also includes a library of 350  presets, with a focus on “cutting-edge electronic sound aesthetics”.


2 thoughts on “Project Preset – Torley Vs Native Instruments Razor

  1. pops and cicks like crazy – cpu hog and I am thinking this guy doesn't have a crappy dell laptop. It has a crazy range though. Sound like some kind of resonator with a sampler, some FM. saturation throughout and a lot a lot of reverb.

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