12 thoughts on “Fairlight iPad App – Standard Version vs Pro Version

  1. Peter Vogel should be ashamed of himself for attempting to charge $50 for an app. What a tool. Always enamored with his own brand, lol. This app will fail for the same reason that his company failed numerous times – unrealistic pricing. Doesn't matter how cool, people will stay away.

  2. Though I fully expect Jordan Rudess to endorse this app, lol. Frankly, I'm shocked he hasn't endorsed it already. LOL.

  3. Same here. In no way was I being told upfront that this app was crippled. I reported it. As if that will do anything….

  4. Peter Vogel probably threatened the guy with a $1trillion dollar lawsuit for not paying him for the privilege of even mentioning the name FAIRLIGHT, lol.

  5. I paid 14.99 for Nlogsynth pro and it's great. Fairlight was stupid to reissue it so bulky. It was a bomb when it came out. I had an Emulator 2+ when it came out and I paid almost 7 thousand. Those were the days. 50.00 is a bit much for an app, but if it works then it is a good deal.

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