Synthetic Sound Labs Intros Tap Tempo LFO For Modular Synthesizers

Synthetic Sound Labs releases Model 1260 Tap Tempo LFO Synthetic Sound Labs has introduced a module with a twist for format modular synthesizers – a tap tempo LFO.

The Model 1260 Tap Tempo LFO features both manual and external voltage control over LFO Tempo (speed), tempo Multiplier, Waveform and Waveform Distortion.


  • A total of eight Waveforms are produced, including Sawtooth, Ramp, Rectangle, Triangle, Sine, Sweep, Lumps and Random. All these (except Random) may be modified using the Wave Distort controls to vary waveform duty cycles.
  • Independent output jacks provide both normal and inverted LFO phases.
  • A unique feature allows the 1260 to synchronize to precise multiples of the musical beat permitting timed vibratos, tremolos, and clocking of external sequencers and sample & hold type devices.
  • Synchronization is accomplished by manually operating a front panel button, or supplying external clock pulses via the external Sync input.
  • Multiple 1260s may also be cascaded to provide complex polyrhythmic modulation patterns, which is aided by use of the Clock output jack.
  • The basic LFO Tempo (frequency) is adjustable from approximately 0.05Hz (a 20 second cycle) and 12.8Hz. However, in conjunction with the Multiplier, this range is extended from 0.025Hz (a 40-second cycle) to over 50Hz in six overlapping tempo multiplication factors, ranging from 0.5 (1/2 note) to 4.0 (sixteenth note).
  • The external Level CV input responds linearly and is normalled internally to +5V so that with no input, the 1260 outputs are at maximum. This convenient input can frequently save a separate VCA when doing voltage controlled modulation depth.
  • Panel LEDs display Tempo (Tap/Sync input rate), and Output (actual LFO rate), respectively.
  • Large fluted knobs allow firm, accurate grip with ample room for manual adjustment.
  • Switchcraft enclosed jacks
  • Fiberglass-epoxy printed circuit boards and hand-crafted assembly

The 1260 is the fourth in SSL’s line of new analog synthesizer modules.

The Model 1260 Tap Tempo LFO is available now for US $265.

via SonicState

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