Korg Introducing Real Analog Gear At Musikmesse; Can You Guess What It Is?

Korg Analog Synthesizer Monotribe Musikmesse 2011

Users of Korg’s iElectribe or iMS-20 for the iPad got a surprise today if they booted up the apps – a startup screen teaser for an as-of-yet unannounced piece of “real analog” electronic music hardware that they will be releasing at this year’s Musikmesse 2011.

The teaser, captured above, asks “Ready to tweak some real analog hardware?”.

To which we answer, “Hell, yeah!”

From the image, it appears to feature an analog filter with Cutoff and Peak adjustments, a waveform selection toggle switch, a Narrow/Wide toggle, several toggles with blurry titles and a matrix of LED button switches.

Is it the rumored Korg Monotribe? An über-Monotron?

Or is it something else entirely? Let us know what you think it is…..

35 thoughts on “Korg Introducing Real Analog Gear At Musikmesse; Can You Guess What It Is?

  1. It's just GOT to be the re-release of the MS-20 softsynth hardware controller. So many folks are lusting for that to use with the iPad/iMS20 combo, and it'd be easy for Korg to just ramp up production again. It wasn't THAT long ago!

    Not sure how the iElectribe fits into that theory though, so I could be completely off base here! Still hoping…

  2. The iPad MS-20 is so good I would probably buy a re-release of that controller, but the teaser says real analog so I don't know if that's it. I think the rumors are referencing a possible hardware Electribe with analog components. Either way it looks like Monotron's success has made them realize the obvious…analog we want it!

  3. Agreed, now that I look at the pic more closely! Looks more like a completely fresh design, analog in nature but not the necessarily the Monotribe, because those metal switches and brushed-metal-tipped knobs look far too nice (as in: not cheap) to be a Monotron's close cousin (not to mention the font used on the labels is completely different from the Monotron's).

    "REAL analog hardware" does point to something that's NOT just a controller, but then why did they reveal this teaser on the iMS20 and iElectribe apps? Aiming this marketing directly at iPad users in this way is a unique move, but WHY is still a mystery!

  4. Is it just me or is it a bit shitty that they advertise their crap on products you already own. They should at least give you something before they can hack their wares at you. It is just so tacky and cheap. That skip/no thanks option is rubbish as they have already advertised it with the splash screen. I do not like the thought of this at all.

  5. Probably an extension to the (already over-cooked) micro series. They had the micropiano thing which flopped. Also, knobs and switches are identical to the Microkorg XL, so it'll probably fit there.

    Korg MicroLOG?

  6. I hope it's less than 500 bucks! Korg has nice low end stuff from that little monotron thing, to nano stuff, microkorg, etc. so I would love to a see a 300 dollar analog synth or whatever. I just can't justify dropping 1000 bucks on some 4 octave analog thing when my computer needs an upgrade.

  7. Good eyes, and great sleuthing! That narrows it down a LOT. From those clues, it's definitely an analog sequencer at the very least, so speculation that it's the Monotribe makes more sense now. Still, why market it to Korg iPad app owners???

  8. It’s quite official.. Monotron+sequencer = Monotribe

    will be presented at MusikMesse yay!!

    I’m really looking for a TB-303 made by Korg , can’t wait!!

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