Ceephax Acid Crew Interview

The latest Electric Independence features an interview with Andy Jenkinson, aka Ceephax:

There’s no one quite like our mate Andy Jenkinson, aka Ceephax, aka Ceephax Acid Crew. He’s one of the last great D.I.Y masters working in electronic music and he’s a full-on modern day renaissance man, who still uses the same old school tools (remember Amigas? Me neither) to ply his many trades.

Primarily known for what he’s done for the “acid” genre, Ceephax also dips his toes into hip-hop, breakbeat Italo and even some ambient; always with his trusty Roland analog weapons by his side, creating an impressive and expansive output of material. It’s like a big psychedelic feast for your ears.

He got signed at his first-ever live show at the age of 17 and throws some of the most epic and outrageous parties/raves in the UK. We traveled to East London where he gave us a tour of his bedroom studio and shared some of the influences behind his 8-Bit sound, his curious predilection for ancient video games, arcade carpets and novelty knits.

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7 thoughts on “Ceephax Acid Crew Interview

  1. And once again someone was fooled by a lot of older gear into the impression that it's all old school. A Kenton 8 channel MIDI/CV interface and a Machinedrum don't count as old school in my book. Ceephax is more about hands-on. There's more shades of gray between "Yuck, a computer!" and using all software to make music. He's somewhere in the middle, using a healthy dose of both and producing great music.

  2. i think that's a brilliant solution, all the toys you love, with a couple of newer hands on technologies to prevent you ever having to boot up a computer. i think the machine drum is the perfect way to bring all these pieces together. and I don't think it's against the aesthetic at all because the MUSIC is made with analogue gear, and the arrangement/recording is done with hands on gear.

    i wish i wasnt just starting work now, i'd love to go home and just PLAY!

  3. haha good for him! i find the machinnedrum a bit TOO good at what it does, too much depth… hurts the brain. stick to casiotone!

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