Windows Multitouch MIDI Controller – Gesturespark

This is a sneak preview of Gesturespark, a multitouch controller app for Windows 7, with support for OSC and MIDI.

This looks like it could be wicked, with a large multi-touch screen.

Do you think Windows 7 will catch up with the iPad as a platform for multitouch music apps?

via insanic4:

The music is from a track I’m working on and is not related to the hand movements 😉

See for more information.

8 thoughts on “Windows Multitouch MIDI Controller – Gesturespark

  1. Maybe not Windows 7…but when we get a Windows or OSX that fully implements multitouch, I expect it will pretty much render these phoneOS tablets irrelevant.

  2. I doubt that this will happen.

    The reason Apple went with iOS instead of OS X on its tablet is that they wanted everything to work with multitouch.

    If Microsoft tacks multitouch support onto Windows, most apps won't support it, so I can't see many people liking, especially when they compare it to platforms where multitouch is the default.

  3. I'm just waiting on that perfect dual core win 7 or 8 tablet with a Solid 7-8 hour battery life and i'll be off the iOS boat.

  4. The multi is not implemented yet. The version that you see in this video is using the default Windows 7 (single)touch implementation which actually works pretty good as long as the controls are big enough. But the real fun starts with multitouch of course 🙂 I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough about this.

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