Acid House In Ableton Live

This tutorial, via Point Blank, takes a look at creating acid house music in Ableton Live:

The acid house sound that blew up in the late 80s and early 90s is having a renaissance in clubland at the moment, with many producers in 2011 referencing this hedonistic period in their productions.

In these videos Danny J Lewis shows you how to recreate the sound, initially made famous by the classic Roland TB303 bass synth, in Ableton Live.

8 thoughts on “Acid House In Ableton Live

  1. Brilliant video IMO!

    Straight, to the point, easy to follow without any filler.

    And I love seeing how easy it is to create interesting, yet odd, sound effects with Ableton Live (basically Ableton Suite 8 of course since Live doesn't include the Analog instrument).

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention above…

    Now picture a Max for Live (M4L) device which, just like the random midi effect, can add some slight random variations in the way the Freq knob on the Analog synth is behaving. So either instead of in addition of automating this knob.

  3. Map filter freq to velocity in analog, and then add the velocity midi effect before the synth. It has a random velocity knob.

  4. Does Analog actually support that? I know how to do this in Operator, but afaik Analog doesn't provide this kind of internal mapping support.

    How would you apply this mapping?

  5. In the filter submenu, there is an option Env<Vel. Also in the volume submenu there is an vibrato option with error function, quite nice as well.

  6. nice video, but that sounds NOTHING like a 303. real 303s have an irregularity in the filter and amp that cannot be accurately reproduced an Ableton. Otherwise, cool video on the approach to a genre.

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