Moby’s Dream – A Drum Machine Museum

moby's drum machine museum

Moby shares some interesting thoughts about his interest in making a drum machine museum in a new interview with Rick Moody:

“There are seven billion people on the planet, and I realize I will never ever be the best at anything. But I can potentially have the world’s largest collection of drum machines. So when I say obsessively, it’s obsession with a purpose.

Ultimately, I want to have one of every drum machine made up until 1982. After 1982, they became more digital, and I sort of lose interest. But the old analog ones, I have always loved them.”

Moby’s obsession is for older machines, working or not:

I’m okay with them not working. You know, like sometimes people will have a horse they just put out to pasture, you know? They don’t expect the horse to race or jump or ever make babies. It just goes and stands in the field and is happy.

So I don’t know if I’m anthropomorphizing or equestrianizing drum machines, but I’m okay for them just to have a nice little life, sitting quiet, by themselves. And if they work, great, but if they don’t…

The full interview also demos of some of Moby’s early, slightly knackered drum machines.

7 thoughts on “Moby’s Dream – A Drum Machine Museum

  1. look at that photo and count how many duplicates he has. several. he's got like two of everything. not only are rich collectors tightening up the market, but now they are buying 2 of everything.

  2. These things have more value as collectibles than they do as music tools at this point. Most of them don't let you tweak the sounds and only do preset rhythms, which have all been sampled already.

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