Free Music Friday – Wicked Basslines & Galactic Didactic

We hate to see a Friday go by without sharing some links to some free music – so here are a couple of reader tracks to check out.

First up, give a listen to Windows Of The Soul, by Fool’s Chaos. Pay particular attention to the wicked basslines in the middle section. See the Fool’s Chaos page on Soundcloud for more.

Next up, Solipsism‘s minimal Ice Cold, from his free album Galactic Didactic. More at the Solipsism Bandcamp page.

If you’ve got tracks of your own you’d like to share, check out the free MP3 thread in the forum. If you’re looking for feedback, though, try to give it before you ask for it.

4 thoughts on “Free Music Friday – Wicked Basslines & Galactic Didactic

  1. I have been wondering why my songs suddenly spiked so much in a few days, now i know lol.
    Thanks Synthtopia, this was a wonderful surprise to find this. 🙂

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