The Ion Discovery Keyboard + CCK + iPad 2

This video, via mvpadrini, captures a test of the inexpensive ($29) Ion Discovery Keyboard + CCK + iPad 2.

The Ion Discovery USB controller  is connected to an iPad 2, using the Camera Connection Kit and a USB Cable.

The Ion Discovery works fine using just USB power.

12 thoughts on “The Ion Discovery Keyboard + CCK + iPad 2

  1. Wow, at first I mistook that for an Akai LPK25, which looks almost exactly the same and also works great with the iPad.

  2. It looks extremely similar to the LPK25, it appears to substitute pitch bend buttons for the LPK25's (awesome) arpeggiator.

    I sort of wish the LPK25 had pitch bend *and* the arpeggiator! Actually I like the pitch bend and CC features of the Korg Nanokey, even though the LPK25's keyboard itself is vastly superior.

    I'd like to see an in-depth comparison of the Ion Discover vs. the LPK25.

  3. the ion looks like a 100% copy of the akai.. (i have the akai in front of me 😉
    but also looks like ion could not copy the arp mode, so they build in pitch bend 🙂

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