Free Step Sequencer For Ableton Live

Free Music Software:  Mark Egloff – a logistics expert working for Ableton by day – is a musician and remixer by night and created a free step sequencer for the Akai APC 20 or 40 and Live.

Egloff has always preferred the direct control and tactile feel of hardware drum sequencers over their software equivalents. So, working with Akai’s Shane Hazleton, he created a patch, APC Step Sequencer that can be used for beat making, without touching the keyboard or mouse.

Details on configuration and use in the video above.

via Synthtopia reader Connie and the Submit A Story page.

One thought on “Free Step Sequencer For Ableton Live

  1. The only thing which stopped me from picking this up to give was because these patches are not distributed as single files but whole livepacks which automatically get installed into your library. And I'm very reluctant with installing/removing stuff every time, especially when it comes to my library.

    Second was due to the stepsequencer which comes with M4L pre-installed (you need to pick this up from within the library itself). That can turn your APC into a step sequencer too, but I really disliked working with it.

    Still; based on what I've seen here I guess this might be worth to pick up 🙂

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