Brain Blink 063 – Get Ready To Blow Your Mind!

Don Whitaker’s Totems.

Whitaker describes Totems as “a meditation on an ephemeral water sprite”:

I captured this one at 210 frames per seconds – so it is playing back at 1/7 the normal speed. (Casio EX-FC100)

This is a close shot of a small stream at a spot where the water sort of turns back on itself against a rock. I love all of those fleeting shapes that are constantly created at a spot like that. They are still fleeting even at 210 fps.

Totems is 63 in Whitaker’s BrainBlink series. It’s a great pairing of music and video, and a hypnotic exploration the infinite possibilities contained within even the most minimal material.

What do you see?

via theb-roll

8 thoughts on “Brain Blink 063 – Get Ready To Blow Your Mind!

  1. That's a pretty common video filter effect, but overall I really like the piece. Great job on the original water capture videography.

  2. It's too bad people aren't seeing it. I think it's amazing! So much variety and complexity. I posted it on my facebook and asked friends to comment what they saw. Some of the things they wrote were, Stormtroopers, luchadores, chess pieces, crowns, frogs, rabbits and the predator.

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