4 thoughts on “Getting Started With Ableton Live – Recording Audio

  1. Huh? Who exactly is this video aimed towards? Why now? Live 8 has been out for like a long time,right?
    What is up ABLETON'S sleeve?
    Are they gonna get beginner's to buy LIVE 8 right now? And in the near future put out LIVE 9 and trapping the beginner's to also buy an UPGRADE to 9 ???
    Why not wait until LIVE 9 to start putting these videos out for NEW USERS?

  2. I think Ableton knows that Live 9 will not be a big hit due to the problems Live 8 encountered.
    So, they probably are starting a marketing strategy to get new users to purchase Live 8, along with Max for Live,etc.
    Following their forum, you can see that alot of long time Live users have bailed on them and no longer care for their product.

  3. I think the complot theories are a bit far fetched. Being someone who is quite active on their forums (every now and then as of late anyways) I've witnessed a lot of questions resurface again and again (taken over the period of a whole year).

    And given the fact that it can sometimes be a little difficult (at least for some people) to find what they're after (even on YouTube) I think video's like these are only logical.

    Especially given the fact that Mr. Singletary is a quite good tutor (IMO) and he hasn't done public video's like these before (to my knowledge).

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