Livid Adds Expansion Jacks To All Its Block MIDI Controllers

Livid Instruments has announced that all Livid Block MIDI controllers now come with expansion connectors, making it easy to customize your MIDI control setup:

Two ¼” jacks allow you to connect Roland-style foot pedals and single analog controls. Put your feet in the mix for additional controls, or experiment adding different sensors and switches.

If that’s not enough, you can add up to eight more analog controls with the pin header connection. This provides a direct link into the block’s Brain so you can experiment with touch controls, sensors, accelerometers, faders, rotary knobs, and more. Of course, our Builder series BYOB boards can be easily integrated for a totally customized and modular setup.

This is a interesting enhancement.  It mainstreams customization, making it easy to create your own hot-rod MIDI controller solution.

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