MeeBlip DIY Synth Kit Now Just $69

Meeblip synthesizer

Developer James Grahame has released an updated version of the MeeBlip DIY Hacker Kit, featuring design improvements and a lower price.

The biggest change is that the I/O jacks are now mounted on the bottom of the board. This should make it much easier to mount in a case or behind a panel.

Other changes:

  • A new power switch on the top right of the panel
  • Upgraded 1 Amp 7805 voltage regulator
  • The MIDI Channel DIP switch has been moved to the bottom rear edge of the board
  • USB power connector and 3.5 mm audio jack have been removed
  • Analog and digital grounds are now split at the DAC for lower noise

The Full Board Kit includes the circuit board, components, programmed microcontroller and knobs. The price has been reduced to $69.

Details at the MeeBlip site.

Audio demos below.

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