Hands Off 2011 UK Theremin Symposium


Organizers have announced Hands Off 2011, a UK theremin symposium, scheduled for July 29th-Aug 1st, 2011 in Scarborough, UK.

Here’s what organizers have to say about Hands Off 2011:

HO11 will be in the same style as the first and very successful Hands Off event – a long weekend symposium of talks, workshops, masterclasses and so on, but this time it will mark the start of a week long festival of theremin performances in and around Scarborough!

We are holding HO11 in the English town of Scarborough – the very first seaside holiday resort – original and best.

The symposium will be in the University of Hull campus in Scarborough – this is the University music department with dedicated sound stages for the masterclasses and demonstrations – and a building full of state of the art recording studios, which will be manned – so if you want to slip away from the full schedule of talks etc. to do an hour or two of recording, you can.

All your favourite thereminists and theremin experts will be there – Lydia Kavina, Wilco Botermans and Carolina Eyck have already committed to attend, as have electronics geniuses Fred Mundell and Thierry Frenkel – and there will be many more added to this list in the coming months.

The cost of the symposium is not yet fixed, but we guarantee it will not exceed £250 – so assume that this is the cost and IF we can make it lower than that you will get a nice surprise. (But please understand that we are not making any promises about this.)

Details at theremin.tv.

via Gordon Charlton

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