New Synth, NLogPoly Synth, For Mac

Nlog Poly Synth

TempoRubato has announced NLogPoly Synth for Mac OS X.

NLogPoly Synth will be sold via the Mac App Store, starting Sat May 21st.

With the release of NLogPoly Synth for Mac OSX, the synth is now available across both Apple’s major platforms: Mac OSX and iOS. You can share patches made on iPad with NLogSynth PRO with NLogPoly Synth on Mac and vice versa.

TempoRubato also is offering the Audio Unit version of the synth as a free download for NLogPoly Synth buyers, addressing one of the main concerns of musicians buying virtual instruments via the App Store.

The standalone app is a multi-timbral engine, providing the power of 8 polyphonic virtual analogue synths. Each with 4 OSC, 2 Filter, 4 LFOs, 4 Envelopes, Modulation Matrix and an individual Effect Rack with Reverb, 4 Band Parametric EQ, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Stereo Delay and Distortion. All 8 synths can be assigned to individual MIDI channels. By assigning them to the same MIDI channel, NLogPoly Synth can provide a polyphonic multi-layered synth with up to 8 layers.

The Audio Unit version can run in as many instances your computer will allow within your DAW. It provides the full set of more than 200 parameters of the NLogSynth engine for automation or remote control by external hardware controller.

NLogPoly Synth will retail for 19.99 EUR / 24.99 USD. Owners of the standalone app can download the Audio Unit plug-in for free.

5 thoughts on “New Synth, NLogPoly Synth, For Mac

  1. One of my favorite apps on iPad and I will definitely be buying desktop version and downloading AU for sure. Can't wait…

  2. I only wish he could have enabled full CoreMIDI – inc reliable clock sync – before working on this desktop version. lol.

  3. I wanted to be blown away by this and just wasn't. I don't know why everyone who designs presets thinks you've got to drench the sounds in reverb, delay, and/or flanges. I'd be more impressed to hear the sounds raw, or with minimal effects.

  4. While I quite like the iOS version (though I agree with Discoid on his critique with the presets), one must admit that on the desktop there is a lot of synths that are a lot more interesting and sound better than nLog and which one already owns… so the only reason I see in buying this is to exchange patches from the mobile device to the desktop.
    I think this is a problem with may iOS synths… they are ok on the iPhone or iPad, but mainly due to the limited offer in good quality instruments on that platform.

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