Computers Music In 1982

This vintage video takes a look at computer music in 1982 – or at least the state of computer music as it was practiced in a lot of high school music labs.

Bring back memories for any readers?

via YouTube user dj2mn, who explains:

Here’s me and my hair in 1982 demonstrating a sound card for the Apple II that makes “three distinct tones” which were in fact square waves. If i remember correctly you could peek & poke machine code values to change the duty cycle of the waveform, but mostly you just bleeped away in square.

The clip is from the ABC Children’s Education show “Computers in Action” which was showing kids the amazing things computers could do at the time. I think the segment after mine was about traffic lights.

(Apologies for the poor audio, there was a plug loose somewhere. Also, yes, this is hilarious, you are allowed to lol.)

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