Music Made With 1,000 Pairs Of Jeans

Music With 1,000 Pairs Of Jeans is a promo created by Andrew Huang for M Jeans, a maker of jeans for tall men.

Huang is best known for his YouTube videos for songs like Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows and Club Drunk Party Hands, a mashup of every use of the words “club”, “party” and “drunk” in a Billboard Top 10 single from 2010. Also, every mention of hands being up.

2 thoughts on “Music Made With 1,000 Pairs Of Jeans

  1. The fidelity of these jeans is terrible for the price. You can hear the embroidery distort, and the highs just aren't there. Don't get me wrong- they're fine for messing around in a home studio, but if you're taking your pants on tour or even playing club gigs wouldn't you want something proven like a pair of 2% elastin Diesels or Rock Revivals?

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