New Hands-Free iPad Case For Awesome People, Especially Musicians

Casey Ayers and Patrick Duffy had announced a KickStarter project to create a new hands-free iPad case ‘for awesome people’, Trubador.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s basically a platform for developers to announce and develop projects with people interested in the projects.

Ayers & Duffy describe the Trubador case like this:

What is Trubador?

Trubador is an iPad case for musicians and others that want to use their iPad with both hands while on the move. Trubador can be worn using a shoulder strap. Worn this way, the screen faces away from the user, so two rigid columns can prop the iPad back toward the user.

Who should use it?

Trubador is the perfect solution for musicians that want to use great apps like Garageband, Touchband, Soundprism and others in a live jam session or concert setting. Trubador is also useful for professionals that want to keep both hands free while working with their iPad, such as reporters, salespeople, convention workers and others.

What else can it do?

Trubador also functions as a handy kickstand when placed on a table. When stationary, Trubador allows for two levels of inclination, one perfect for active use and the other for watching video content.  Even better, Trubador allows for great portability while keeping the enclosed iPad safe and sound. When closed up, users can sling it over the shoulder while showing off an iconic, satchel-style design to onlookers.

You can get details on the Trubador project at their KickStarter site.

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8 thoughts on “New Hands-Free iPad Case For Awesome People, Especially Musicians

  1. Well guys, it doesn't get more rock&roll than this. Thanks to Trubador me and my garageband autochords are going to drive this joint crazy!

    I wonder if I'll be able to wear this along with my fanny pack, though, it looks like it might get a little crowded down there…. I'm sure they'll work something out though!

  2. I feel that we are similar people, as that was my first concern also! If you have to take one of your fanny packs off to accommodate this (presumably you could keep the rear-facing one) you might find yourself in need of extra space. Try affixing carabiners to your other rockin' gadgets and then clip them onto your suspenders… or you can stick velcro on everything and wear a velcro helmet! Maybe attach some Tupperware to wallet chains and dangle it from your belts, too… I'm just spitballing here.

    Remember, the fuckability index (least- to most-desirable) for any band goes like this:

    5. Drummer
    4. Keyboardist
    3. Bassist / Rhythm guitarist
    2. Lead guitarist / Lead vocalist
    1. The guy with a touchscreen strapped into a baby bjorn

  3. "1. The guy with a touchscreen strapped into a baby bjorn"


    I would like to think thats the end of this contraption right there. iPad music hipsters however will no doubt persevere.

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