10 thoughts on “SONOIO – Enough (Alessandro Cortini)

  1. Is it an advertising for the OP1?
    Otherwise the prod is thight but the song is generic & forgettable, almost mainstream.
    Doesn't do it for me.

  2. I guess that producing this was fun, but as for listening, I don't know. Perhaps it works in a "club" with the right people.

  3. Its not nice to say that it's generic and forgettable to someone's composition. I personally think it was very emotionally filled and that conventional instruments have not been able to capture certain feelings like it has for this song.

    Not doing it for you is valid though.

  4. all nice and good. tight. vocals kind of blows one away.
    but just not at all my cup of tea, this on and i am out of the club.

  5. love it. curious as to what he is triggering with though.. its like every time i turn around he has released something else, and it never fails to move me.

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