Fingerlab DM1 Drum Machine For iPad (Sneak Preview)

Fingerlab Drum Machine iPad

Fingerlab has announced DM1 – a new iPad drum machine:

We, at Fingerlab, Paris, are proud to announce the release in early July of “DM1 | The Drum Machine”, the next generation of drum machines for iPad. We have been closely monitoring and testing any iPad drum machine since the iPad1 was relased and have decided we could do better, smarter, cooler. Which is why DM1 now takes the concept one step further by unifying in one realistic and beautiful application the smartest tools for beat drumming with the best vintage drum kits.


  • 24 vintage and produced drum kits, mastered at in-house Fingerlab Sound Studios
  • Mixer page with pitch, length and level rotary controls and individual sound loading per channel
  • Super fast drum kit loading
  • Playable pattern selection for extra creativity
  • Big Drum pads, quantized recording and MPC-like Repeat touch-stripe
  • Step Sequencer with multi-touch matrix for unexpected beat creation
  • Duo FX Trackpads for real-time sonic destruction and cool multi-FX
  • Mode song with intuitive editing
  • High-quality export to email or iTunes shared folder
  • Optimized for iPad 2

Fingerlab expects DM1 to be available in July. Pricing is TBA.

6 thoughts on “Fingerlab DM1 Drum Machine For iPad (Sneak Preview)

  1. I'd have to agree. While I love apps like Drum Tracker, Funk Box and Molten, the app landscape is filled with sample based drum instruments. I'd really like to see an app that does drum synthesis.

  2. I am surprized someone has not come up with anything yet that does synth rather than sample based drums. Unless I missed an app that does…?
    I will not be adding another app such as this DM1 until such time as I can make my own sounds.

  3. looks like fun to me… Hopefully, they will allow easy sample import… it would be awesome to take my chops with me on the go.

  4. I think this looks great. Sample based is no issue to me, especially if I can load my own. I've found having a solid drum app on the iPad to be one of the most productive "away from the studio" things that the iPad has brought to music.

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