Ribbon Controller Synth Jam

Sunday Synth JamYuichi Onoue performs his composition, Soft Rime, on a DIY ribbon controller.

Here’s what Onoue has to say about his custom ribbon controller:

In this video, Onoue mainly plays the handmade ribbon controller. It can change a oscillator pitch smoothly, depending on the place which you press down. It was originally made as a kind of MOOG SYNTHESIZER’s controller in late 60’s. I made this following its example. And playing style is self-taught.

via TorigoyaSound:

more about Ribbon Controller.


more Ribbon Controller Videos,please watch

Onoue also plays two strings original electric instuments called Kaisatsuko on backing track.

See here for detail about Kaisatsuko.

More Kaisatsuko Video

5 thoughts on “Ribbon Controller Synth Jam

  1. Microtone-tastic.

    I'm not crazy about the microtonal bits – they grate on my ear a bit – but I do admire the homebrew instruments.

  2. Some intonation problems seem to go with the instrument, like they do with the theremin. It's a rare musician that can work around them.

  3. I suppose so, but surely you'd correct it by ear. Though I don't own a theremin or a juicy long ribbon controller like that, so i guess I can't talk. One day…

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