Free MIDI Sequences Feature 16-Step ‘Analog Style’ Patterns

Reader Alan Stuart sends word of a pair free MIDI sequence collections:

I have released a second pack of 50 free 16-step analog-style MIDI sequences suitable for electro, acid, house & techno productions.

More to come, stay tuned!

You can download the collection at the AudioVapor site.

2 thoughts on “Free MIDI Sequences Feature 16-Step ‘Analog Style’ Patterns

  1. Its very cool of people to give away sounds and sequences, but it makes me wonder… is this all we can think of to do with our synths? Has the mainstream dance and pop material blinded people to the range of these instruments? Sure, you can find more adventurous music if you LOOK hard enough, but to me, techno is disco with a slight face lift. Barf. Its displacing other styles too often. I'd be very happy to hear fewer people channeling Utah Saints and more of them surprising me a little more often. Not to diss anyone's right to enjoy it on their own terms, but don't some of you feel restless about this, too?

  2. Restless, yes. Surprised? Not at all. I regard techno as a lowest common denominator of popular music, which is (I believe) precisely why it is so popular. Why you'd need to get it out of a 'sequence collection' though is quite beyond my comprehension. I guess I'm just an old git.

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