The ‘Intense Sounds’ Of The Kurzweil K2000

These videos, via Subtronik, showcase some of the ‘more intense sounds’ that the Kurzweil K2000 is capable of:

Here’s some personal examples of the K2000’s easy editing to create huge VA sounds in minutes.

The first four are post edits, while the fifth was done in real time to show dynamics, richness and the K2000’s massive features.

Even with the constant stream of new synth announcements, the Kurzweil K2 series still offers terrific bang for the buck, with a great set of controls, tons of ins and outs and great sound.

11 thoughts on “The ‘Intense Sounds’ Of The Kurzweil K2000

  1. Awesome! My K200S is one of only two hardware synths I've kept since back in the day. I bought it new and still love it! It has things I still don't find on most modern synths (like looping envelopes that can be set for a very, very long time!) My only complaint is the squishy keys.

  2. i still use my k2000r that i bought in 87!!!! and other than replacing the old lcd, it fires up everytime….. my old d50 is still in my rig too!… i used to have 3 memory moogs, but they got too expensive to service, and i sold at a very high price…..

    but everything else i have other than my old b3 and wurly is vst/rtas now….

    1. 87??? 😉 I may be wrong, but I think it wasn't released then, was it? Must have been 91 +- when it came out.

  3. yeh the VAST engine is fucking crazy complex.. these things are synth workstations, you can make some insane sounds on these that are impossible anywhere else

  4. Yeah! That's one of the reasons why I've been thinking about replacing some of my synths/keyboards with a Kurzweil. It's still a very nice instrument for basic needs and deep sound design.

  5. Hey thank you for that. I love my K2’s I have the RS with 64MB, PRAM, and the VP that I put 64MB in and the fan kit. I love both of those boards. I have been trying for years to convince fellow synth heads that Kurz is where you need to be if you want to explore the impossible. I have a song on the site above that uses only one K2000, and only four total sounds in the whole song. The song is called Sonic Abduction. It makes a lot of use of the Shapers and FUNs. Take care enjoy.

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