Instrumental for iPad (Sneak Preview)

This is a demo of Quantum Clockwork‘s Instrumental for iPad – a new WiFi MIDI control surface app.

The video shows Instrumental in action, controlling Propellerhead’s Reason & Record.

Instrumental includes a variety of control surface types:

  • Drum 4×4 – 16 drum pads, and space for up to 32 additional controls.
  • Wicki-Hayden – an isomorphic hexagonal layout.
  • Mixer – The layout accommodates for up-to 16 channels; you can sacrifice mixer panels for more per-channel controls.
  • Piano – A full 130 key piano keyboard, at a variety of sizes, including almost full size.
  • Generic-R & Generic-S –  Two styles of generic surface full of control panels. Useful for controlling effects and equalizers, can also be used to provide access to all your synthesizer controls while you play notes on your regular USB piano keyboard. The modular panel system lets you create new, dynamically labelled layouts.

No released date or pricing has been announced yet.

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