The MacBeth Mk1 Modular Majestic 12 Monster Synth

Sunday Synth Jam: Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Studio Systems demonstrates the gorgeous MacBeth Mk1 ‘Majestic 12’ System in operation.

It’s basically four analog synthesizers in one.

Each synth features:

  • 3x VCO
  • 1 x Mixe
  • 1 x 24dB/Octave Transistor Ladder Filter
  • 1 x 12dB/Octave State Variable Filter
  • 2 x Dual Envelope Generators, with built in output VCAs

This was recorded directly into a Canon 60D. The sequencer used is an Ensoniq ASR-10, driving a Kenton Pro4 four-channel MIDI to CV converter.

2 thoughts on “The MacBeth Mk1 Modular Majestic 12 Monster Synth

  1. Well done Kenny Boy!!!
    Great machines and I respect your commitment to your work with building synthesizers.
    When money allows I would love one of your machines. The panel designs and spacing of pots is top notch design. Great great sound too.
    Will there ever be a Macbeth with memories? I emailed this question to your site but got no reply.

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