How To Recreate Fatboy Slim’s ‘Gangster Trippin’ In Ableton Live

This video tutorial is a rework of Fatboy Slim’s Gangster Trippin, in Ableton Live 8.

All of the samples used are from the original tracks, as sampled by Norman Cook (as close as is reasonably possible.)

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via SonicAcademy

3 thoughts on “How To Recreate Fatboy Slim’s ‘Gangster Trippin’ In Ableton Live

  1. Good work! When you think of the equipment that was originally used to create sample heavy tracks back in the day you appreciate the work that went into their production much more from the perspective of modern technology like Live that make working with samples really, really easy in comparison. Personally, I was never much into sampling, let alone using loops, but I have some respect for people building great tracks using almost nothing but samples and their creativity.

  2. Fantastic video, really insightful and shows what a labour of love these kinds of tracks were. You missed my favourite sample though, the “PAM PAM!” from “Your Love” by Michael Prophet

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