Moog Cluster Flux – The Ultimate Analog Chorus & Flanger (Unofficial Sneak Preview)

Moog Cluster Flux

Moog Music has introduced a new member of their Moogerfooger family – the MF-108M Cluster Flux.

The Moogerfooger Cluster Flux is an analog BBD-based chorus flanger w/ Tap Tempo modulation and extensive MIDI control. And, for synth freaks, the Cluster Flux is CV controllable, too.

The MF-108M Cluster Flux is more powerful than traditional chorus/flange effects, offering the  added modulation of multiple LFO waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp and Random, to allow for many kinds of new modulated BBD Delay effects. MIDI IN allows control of Delay Time, Range, Feedback, Output Level, LFO Waveform, LFO Rate, LFO Amount and Mix.

Availability and pricing:  The Cluster Flux FM-108M will be available at Moog Dealers worldwide in Q3 2011 for US $599.00

Details below.


  • The Cluster Flux provides warm, great sounding analog chorus / flanger / vibrato effects. In addition, it has a much wider (and wilder) range of modulated delay line effects than traditional chorus / flangers due to the extended range of front panel controls, the multi-waveform LFO, and the extensive CV and MIDI control.
  • The LFO has six waveforms. Use sine or triangle for classic chorus flanger effects. Check out the Sample and Hold, Square, Sawtooth, and Ramp for radical new sounds. There are no analog chorus / flangers that have a sample and hold capability
  • In Flange mode, you adjust the delay time from approx. .6 to 10 milliseconds. In Chorus mode, from approx. 5 to 50 milliseconds.
  • The Feedback control is continuously bi-polar for both non-inverted and inverted feedback for flanging with even or odd harmonics.
  • The MF-108M has both input drive and output level control so you can use it from instrument to line level.
  • Parameters are MIDI controllable and the MF-108M will ship with an application editor for managing the array of possibilities. Just one example of the many applications: Control the delay time with MIDI notes for “tuned” flanger comb-filter effects.
  • There’s a Feedback Insert jack on the back for external processing of just the wet signal just after the BBD’s.
  • The design includes high voltage MN3007 BBD’s for their superior headroom and excellent signal to noise ratio.

Note: The Moogerfooger Cluster Flux will be a limited availability product. The Cluster Flux uses BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) chips that were specifically designed for the short delay times associated with chorus / flanger type effects. But the availability of this chip is very limited, so the Cluster Flux supply will be limited by chip availability.

via Sonic State

4 thoughts on “Moog Cluster Flux – The Ultimate Analog Chorus & Flanger (Unofficial Sneak Preview)

  1. yeah tack one more onto the moogerfooger want list. I didnt see it in the list up above, but is it stereo? that would be amazing.

  2. I wait with bated breath to hear demos and see what the inputs and outputs will be. A bit bugged by that "limited chip availability" caveat, though. Who, me, collect spare parts? (looks at box of uA726's)

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