New Software Synthesizer – The Synthix

Xils-Lab has announced a new software synthesizer – The Synthix.

Here’s what they have to say about The Synthix:

It is inspired by a famous and legendary Synthesizer from the 80’s, which a lot of talented guys used as their central Keyboard, including some synths Gurus.

Its a piece of history, maybe the last Vintage Analog Polyphonic synthesizer.

It has a special multitimbral mode, 5 different hi quality and hi character filters, as you could expect from a Xils-Lab synth.

It is MORE than a strict emulation.

It has many additional features compared to its glorious ancestor, as you could expect from a modern era synthesizer .

But this is NOT ENOUGH. It has also never seen features !

Details below.


  • 4 ‘LFO like’ modulation sources.
  • 4 envelopes ‘with a special feature, increasing far away the sound design possibilities’
  • 2 oscillators : simple, but with cross modulation features.
  • 1 filter – ‘not so simple!’
  • 1 polyphonic sequencer (up to 4 tracks, with legato mode), part of the modulation sources.
  • More than 25 modulation nodes, with 29 sources and 38 destinations.

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

16 thoughts on “New Software Synthesizer – The Synthix

  1. "but with cross modulation features." That sounds cool

    This sounds questionable?
    maybe the last Vintage Analog Polyphonic synthesizer.

    ‘LFO like’ modulation sources.

    ‘with a special feature, increasing far away the sound design possibilities’

  2. I like the emulation plugins when they are well made, they usually emulate some awesome synth I could never afford (like the other 2 xils products). A new synth doesn't always have to break new ground (for me personally), it just has to sound good and be useful.

  3. looks like a Virus on steroids at first glance 😀 would love to hear this in action 😛

    Lovely job Xils labs

  4. Not trying to start a flame war, but…

    The layout is not even remotely Virus-like… and "on steroids"?

    The Virus has an extra VCO, extra filter, larger mod section, more envelopes, more osc and filter types, huge effects engine, etc… I could go on forever.

    Don't spread disinformation. Your comment was uninformed.

  5. I must admit, I saw this and thought 'well, this would be pretty cool… if it were still 2002'. In all honesty I'm pretty tired of this methodology of designing software to behave like hardware.

    Considering you can get Aalto for about half the price that Xils are asking, that has an interface much more conducive to software, and functionality that goes a step beyond the usual subtractive software emulations, synths like 'Synthix' start to seem pretty unappealing.

    Slash the price, then maybe. Currently, no chance I'd want it.

  6. Does that pitch bender actually work up-&-down rather than with the usual side-to-side for joysticks? :O I can see that driving a few people nuts, heehee…. I'll wait for the reviews, but this is a synth I always wanted to see go soft. If they include the original presets so everyone can pretend to be JMJ's Laser Harp, that'll boost sales by a notch. Besides, this synth really was different from its American counterparts of the day. I think of it as having a more musical design than most. It really does take you in several unique directions. Glad to see it.

  7. Bought it on the group buy. Sounds really nice – able to come up with some kick ass sounds in about 10 mins without futzing with the manual.

    Note: Some cool features:

    8 totaly independant layers (each layer can have its own set of oscillators, filters, envelopes, glide and lfos, with independent settings).
    2 keyboards, each with its own independent arpeggiator and MIDI settings management.

    I am interested in what the many layers will do – TBD

    I am on a Mac Pro dual quad core so I have bot hit any CPU issues.

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