GusGus Live, With Two Modulars, In Iceland

Sunday Synth Jam: It’s not to often that you see a group perform live with two monster modular synths.

In fact, you might have go to Iceland to see a performance like this – GusGus live at the opening ceremony of the Reykjavik Concert Hall “Harpa”, May 13th 2011.’

Guest appearance by Högni Egilsson of Icelandic pop group Hjaltalín. Both songs are featured on GusGus album Arabian Horse, released in 2011.

Do you know of other groups performing live with modular synths? Let us know in the comments – or embed a video in the comments!

And if anybody knows the technical details on GusGus’s performance setup, let us know!

via kelmundur, dvdborn

18 thoughts on “GusGus Live, With Two Modulars, In Iceland

  1. I'm a bit suspicious because of the string sounds and the beats. The vocals seem to be prerecorded as well.

  2. gus gus perform live next saturday here in cologne! i will watch out and maybe ask them after the show about their technicstuff.

  3. The first song is kinda nice (although it gets repetitive very soon), but the second, boy does the group live up to their outfit and cheesy name (in a a sense). Don't care much about the (all Doepfer apparently which is probably quite rare these days considering how many 3rd party manufacturers with great modules there are — I know I don't have a Doepfer exclusive system) modulars which seem more like props. And it all seems to be sequenced. With so many people on stage you think they could handle a keyboard or two for the occassional vocoder or pad sound just to liven up the performance a little (which seemed pretty static).

  4. Okay, I closed my eyes and just listened and tried with all my might to not think of the facial hair.

    They need to lose every one of the singers immediately. Awful. Just the dudes with the modulars should remain.

  5. The only other main stream person that uses modular live ( that comes to mind )is Liquid Stranger with is gnarly dubstep.

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