Yamaha Faders & XY Pad For iPad

Yamaha has introduced Faders & XY Pad – a CoreMIDI application that controls external MIDI devices by sending MIDI Control Change messages from the iPad.

8 sliders each with up to 3 control change parameters can be assigned for each of 50 templates. A unique XY-Pad mode lets you control multiple faders by flicking a ball that bounces off the sides of the XY grid for vector synthesis style control.

Yamaha Motif XF owners can use the Faders & XY Pad app for WiFi connectivity and control. Using the Yamaha i-MX1 MIDI Interface, you can connect and control any MIDI instrument.

The app is part of a larger initiative by Yamaha to get into the iPad music apps, including the Tenori On iPad App. 


  • Faders
    • Universal Controller with 8 faders
    • Each Fader has three assignable controls with “control change no.”, “parameter range” and “Channel Number”
    • Minimum and Maximum value are assignable for each Control Change
    • Learn mode will receive the MIDI signal from an external MIDI device and automatically assign the parameter
  • XY Pad
    • A unique XY Pad that can control multiple sliders at once
    • Each fader can be patched freely into the XY zone
    • Touch with 3 fingers to move the ball circularly, 2 fingers to move it iteratively
    • Control the speed of the ball
  • Customizable skins (PM1D, MOTIF XF, M7CL, DJ and Old Style) available
  • Choose your own look for the faders, panel, scribble-strip and scale

Yamaha Faders & XY Pad is available now in the App Store for $3.99.

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