OSC Physics Turns iPad Into Physics-Based Music Controller

iPad Music SoftwareOSC Physics (App Store link) is a new $1.99 control surface app for the iPad that emulates real physics. It supports sending OSC messages over a Wi-Fi network.

The app reacts to the orientation of the device, taking advantage of the iPad’s accelerometer. It sends X/Y coordinates, angular velocity and collisions of every object on stage.

OSC Physics is designed for controlling synthesizers, sound design and more. It works with any software capable of receiving OSC messages, including: Pure Data, Max/MSP, Logic Pro/Express, Supercollider and more.

Demo details:

OSC Physics sending data to Max/MSP and Ableton Live.

Max receives OSC mesages from the iPad, visualizes the data and converts it to midi. Midi messages are sent to Ableton Live to control audio effects.

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