Music Hacks From Music Hack Day Barcelona

Organizers of Music Hack Day Barcelona, held June 16-17, have released a list of over 30 hacks created at the event.

Hacks included the Bionic Table looper; the Wedisco collaborative club dj app;; jsmad, a javascript MP3 decoder; Potty Mouth Band fight; and CloudTable – a tangible interface for SoundCloud.

If you’re not familiar Music Hack days, the video above offers a quick intro. 

Music Hack Day Barcelona Hacks:

  1. Score Following Reloaded (by SampleSumoMuseScore) Sheet music automatically following a musicians performance
  2. Bubbly Sounds (by Javi Agenjo) – Explore the Freesound database and remix using HTML5
  3. BionicTable (by bionicTeam) – Ezra on the Reactable
  4. Comments Audio Visualiser (by Mr.doob) – OMG!!!! ça déchire! Kill meeeee! awesome! RHAAAAA! !o_O!crazyooooOMG puuuure sensation!!!WTF!!! :-O
  5. Musichackday sentiment (by jocabola) – #musichackday tweets visualized using the musicmetric’s sentiment analyzer
  6. PietWalk (by Hannes Tydén) – A musical promenade in flatland.
  7. Wedisco (by Wedisco Team) – Stop tyranny of DJ’s!
  8. TwitSpace (by Tim Bormans and Matthew Ogle) – Bring back that ol’ MySpace magic to
  9. Notebook (by Luca Chiarandini and Eduardo Graells) – what if?
  10. freesound wars (by V.Akkermans, F.Font, P.Papiotis,S.Togias) – Bring on the sonic warfare!! Turn-based battles using samples from freesound.
  11. Jsmad (by Amos Wenger, Jens Nockert, Matthias Georgi and Antoine Marguerie) – Javascript MP3 Decoder + ID3 tag reader. Look, ma, no Flash!
  12. Potty Mouth Bands (by Johan Uhle, Tim Bormans) – Which band has the pottier mouth?
  13. MusCloFS (by Andoni Morales) – A Fuse file system for music in the cloud.
  14. wisebabblr (by Stefano Rodighiero) – An online, interactive version of your artist of choice.
  15. Space-aware Loop Machine (by Quim Llimona) – Do you remember the last thing you said?
  16. Echonestified Music Search (by Omid Aladini) – Search for the music that contains similar musical patterns : search music by music
  17. contexTube (by Alex. Passant, Julie Letierce) – Bring context to YouTube, and discover more stuff !
  18. Drop’Em Dub (by Imanol Gomez, Jorge Garcia) – Dub using your hands over kinect!
  19. StageScout (by Martin Blech, CSS mojo by Artur Honzawa) – Make a personalized Sonar program from your Facebook likes using BMAT’s Ella API
  20. CloudTable (by Daniel Gallardo and Carles F. Julià) – SoundCloud on a table :p
  21. MakeItMussorgsky (by Graham Coleman) – presented as ScoreSynth Render a score from loosely connected samples.
  22. Twitter Music Trends (by Adam Lindsay – Watch twitter for the artists being tweeted about right now, and see current trends
  23. SoundLock (by Tobias Schmidt) – password protection by sound recognition
  24. Dancehell (by Michiel Gardner) – Dancehell creates dancehall versions of any track you upload! Air horns, guns, lasers, backspins & MC’s will be mixed through the song
  25. Music Frog Duck (by Institut FATIMA, Paul Rose & Carsten Galle) A spatial music improvisation interface using a duck and a frog with MusicHackDayBCN2011-content
  26. Shoebox.FM (by Guus Baggermans & Joris Zaalberg) – An audiovisual trip down memory lane
  27. Lyrics search for MuseScore (by Nicolas Froment) – MuseScore plugin to add lyrics easily to your arrangements
  28. EchoNestBrowser (by Emerson Castaneda) – A Simple java webapp that allows to explore some of The Echo Nest API functions – look for Artists, Songs and some filtering options
  29. AGENDAFEST (Ben Fields, Greg Mead, David Okuniev) – Combining Musicmetric, Seevl, and 7Digital API > Mobile web-app giving customised festival agenda / discovery
  30. SoundTrackIt (by Mohamed Sordo) – Create the Soundtrack of a Movie based on the top words of the movie subtitles.
  31. Kinect toolbox (by Thomas Pachoud) – A set of tools on openNi to OSC for easy use of kinect


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