FL Mobile Studio HD (iPad Song Demo)

Synthtopia reader ZakGott wrote in to tell us:

“Love the site… get all my music tech from you guys!

Don’t know how I’d get through work without you guys…”

Excellent! Glad to know that your work computer can download all those massive video files and audio previews.

We’re also advocates of maintaining a work/life balance – so checking the site out at work is highly recommended.

ZakGott’s been busy at home, too, though:

I have just uploaded a video of my first song with Fruity Loops on the iPad. I saw found the link on www.synthtopia.com and bashed out the track and video in about an hour. Very intuitive, easy to master. The clip/song is nothing too flash just a bit of fun on some simple beats… great app!

Mostly cheap editing, but just wanted to get it done, nothing too fancy

-> Exported to wave
-> Recorded on the built in webcam on the Macbook Pro
-> Downloaded all the files into Final Cut Pro
-> DONE in an hour…

It’s getting kind of amazing what you can knock out now on a mobile device. You can check out more by ZekGott here on YouTube.

We’d like to see what other readers are doing with FL Studio Mobile HD, too. If you’ve made a video of a song you’ve made with FL Studio Mobile HD, leave a comment, click the YouTube ‘Embed Video’ button and paste in the URL for your video on YouTube.

14 thoughts on “FL Mobile Studio HD (iPad Song Demo)

  1. funny fl studio mobile shares nothing in common with fl studio. the only that shares anything in common is fl studio mobile and music studio. because it's the same application just reskinned and some stuff added and moved around. really not worth the price increase and the shady blinders they have up.

  2. … it doesn't look like FL Studio

    … it doesn't function like FL Studio

    … it doesn't even sound like FL Studio

    Why call it FL Studio Mobile? $$$

    Would Honda hire out Hyundai to make a car for them, that looks like and runs like a Hyundai?

    And then slap a Honda sticker on it and hope that no one notices? Or cares?

    Not to forget that this would be an already existing model of Hyundai trying to be passed off as a Honda.

    Image-line has a very "unique" business model and reputation for all their products. Some just haven't figured it out yet.

  3. what's compatible? how deep does the compatibility go? importing and exporting a simple file?

    wow mind blowing, gotta have it now!

  4. Oh my god, a software house bought software from another developer and brought it under their label. That's never ever *coughadobecough* ever *coughoraclecough* ever *coughmicrosoftcough* happened ever! Scandalous!!

  5. you do realise that car companies around the world do that all the time… same as software companies, there is nothing wrong with that! Sometimes we end up paying more for a cheap product, but a lot of the time something someone else has made is used to add value to an existing product or brand. Google and Facebook use that method to grow their businesses all the time with an almost constant stream of aquisitions.

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